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What Kind of Tenders can you Expect to Win in the Health Sector?

Over the past 18 months globally we have come to find a new appreciation for just how important our health services are, with the pandemic making everyone a little more appreciative of what bodies like the NHS do for us as a country. The NHS is a massive organisation that is one of the largest employers in the UK and it is also one of the largest sources of public sector tenders. This means that a wide range of different businesses can expect to win contracts with different NHS trusts who require a wide range of services. Because of the important nature of the services provided by the NHS, there is a high likelihood that if a tender is delivered well with efficiency and effective results that contracts will be renewed and last for years, promising a lasting stream of income for your business.

One of the main types of tender commonly up for grabs in the health sector is to provide medical equipment for a trust or for a facility like a hospital or a clinic. Medical facilities will require a wide range of equipment from mobility assistance items like crutches and zimmer frames all the way to the essential PPE which is needed for procedures and in the wake of the pandemic, day to day work. If your business can provide these items in bulk consistently and reliably then the NHS may be one of the best places for you to look to when thinking of businesses to partner with on tenders. The range of products trusts will need are not limited to the ones previously mentioned but will include a wide range of items you may not immediately even think of, meaning even companies that do not specialise in the manufacture of medical supplies should consider looking at health sector tenders.

Another major area the NHS and other health bodies will need contractors for is their digital security and operations. Between confidential medical records, thousands of management and community health staff, and a number of different digital platforms used in various aspects of health care there is an immense need for IT specialists to work with the NHS. Many trusts and regional organisations will advertise tenders for specialist IT assistance which again will be long lasting and will be a steady stream of income for a business able to meet the requirements of these tenders. Some contracts may be centred around IT integration or updating pre-existing systems whereas others may be centred specifically around on-site staff to manage the IT needs of staff. 

Another major area of need for the NHS and other health businesses are contracted staff such as nurses and healthcare assistants. It is heavily publicised that the NHS is facing a staff shortage and this has led to a number of trusts requiring the services of agency nurses to pick up the slack. If you are a business that can supply well-trained staff, not only medical but also cleaners, porters, security, maintenance staff, and many other roles, then the NHS may be one of the most lucrative bodies to consider when looking for tenders. 

These are only a handful of the wide range of different tenders that will be available with businesses working within the health sector. It is important to consider the NHS when looking for tenders as there are going to be consistent and long-lasting contracts available for you to win and it is worth exploring this avenue to help facilitate growth for your business and widen the scope of what you as a company can do.

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