Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Training

JGP Consultancy offers businesses the chance to develop their equality, diversity, and inclusion initiatives through expert-led training. EDI is an essential aspect of healthy working environments and more than ever it can not be overlooked by businesses of all sizes. JGP Consultancy can ensure you are a company that understands EDI and has the capability to implement robust strategies to make workspaces inclusive for all.

Services we offer:


·       General EDI Training (Introduction to EDI and the basics)

·       Tailored Training on EDI relating to your industry

·       Tailored Training on EDI relating to specific social groups

·       Distributable Resources on EDI

·       EDI Policy Reviews and Writing Assistance

·       Speaker Appearances for Awareness Events

·       EDI Related Conflict Advice

·       Mental Health and Neurodivergence Training


About Us

Adam Saraswati Rawlings leads JGP Consultancy’s EDI training services and has several years’ experience in social justice activism. They currently maintain an editorial position at The New Feminist where they can foster important conversations about EDI. They have also been awarded on a national level for their journalism. Adam Saraswati has also worked to train and develop policies for various organisations using their expertise in issues relating to all protected groups to ensure people of all backgrounds are respected and celebrated in their place of work.