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Find and Win Rail Tenders

Find and Win Rail Tenders

Find and Win Rail Tenders

Our team has significant experience of finding and winning tenders with local authorities, government agencies and councils using our winning process to support the growth of your business. Using our Tender Finder Service our team can save you time and money whilst providing specialist expertise and experience of the rail marketplace. 

We also give you access to a market-leading bid writing team and full bid management service, delivering end-to-end creation and ownership of your tender documentation for a wide range of tenders and contracts with local authorities and councils for rail tenders.

Carlo Germani

I worked with JGP Consultancy on a large-scale transport construction bid and was very impressed with their genuinely collaborative approach to work. They endeavoured to completely integrate with our team which enriched our process to complete the bid to the highest quality. I would highly recommend anyone to work with JGP Consultancy in the future.

Organisations we can help you to win work from

How it works


Once you engage our services, we will send you through a short discovery questionnaire.


We arrange a meeting to review the discovery questionnaire and identify core markets as well as adjacent markets in which you would like to grow.


We conduct detailed research into each market opportunity and buyer to determine if an opportunity is suitable for your business, or not. We then publish this in a bespoke opportunity report.

Weekly report

We send you a concise summary report of the available opportunities and market intelligence each week, including early engagement opportunities.


We can arrange a time to run through the report with you and advise you on how you can progress with the opportunities that we have identified.

Why do you need our Tender Finder service?

You want to grow your business but don’t have time to search for tenders?

Most people that we work with don’t have time to constantly hunt for new government tender opportunities that are specifically suited to your company. Yet public sector contracts provide immense potential for business growth. Our bespoke Tender Finder service solves this problem by outsourcing the work so our team does the hard work for you.

You don’t know where all the 3,000+ databases, portals and journals for open tenders are

And don’t want to get daily or weekly emails from each of them – it takes hours each week. And it's tough to do this consistently amidst your daily responsibilities. Our service monitors all tenders on your behalf 24/7.

You’re unsure where to start?

Understanding tender terminology and requirements takes specialised know-how. Our experts analyse tenders in depth to determine if they align with your business and capabilities before sending them to you.

You don’t want to receive irrelevant or generic tenders from mailing lists or subscription services for tenders you can’t even compete for.

We filter out any unsuitable tenders and only deliver matches within your niche.

You miss early stage tenders by the time you see a tender advertisement.

Tender monitoring is overwhelming the constant flow of open tenders is hard to stay on top of – there are over 1,000 tenders published each day. We handle ongoing tracking and use reminders to notify you of closing dates.

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