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Our goal is to save you both money and time from manually searching thousands of tender portals. No matter your industry, we can help increase your bottom line.

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Never worry about missing a tender again.

Automate Your Search

Our sourcing specialists save you time gathering tenders so you can focus on the bigger picture. They search hundreds of tender portals daily to find only the best and most relevant opportunities for your business.

Bespoke weekly report

We'll read and categorise every suitable tender published, creating an accurate and easily digestible weekly report. With this, you can glance over your opportunities without sorting through irrelevant tenders for hours.

Coaching & guidance

We'll offer coaching and guidance on how and where to optimise including how bids are qualified, strategy, how bids are planned, how proposals and solutions are brought together and using effective reviews.

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Our Tender Finder Service Saves You Precious Time.

Our Tender Finder service removes the frustration from seeking out new public sector opportunities. With our extensive experience in reviewing portals daily, we support many clients to efficiently select the opportunities that are right for the businesses, without hassle or drain on resources.

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Kufa Matiya

- CEO of Scale Up For Growth

“JGP was instrumental in the growth of our success in bidding and securing key contracts in line with the business growth strategy.

Their insights were key to growing our secured funding from £80k to £1M in 12 months.”