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What Is A Tender?

What is the definition of a tender?

A tender is a process where buyers invite bids for large projects. These projects require raw materials, services, and products so the government invites bids for businesses to prove why they are the best suited for the project.

How do they work? 

The tendering process is fair and transparent to give everyone an equal chance to win. Each tender document will be different as each contract requires different criteria. The bidder’s tender document must prove how you are going to do it, including best practises and pricing structure. In this document, you need to stand out from your competitors and show why you are the best suited business to the contract. To prove this, the bidder must back their document up with evidence by showing previous examples with similar deals.  After you have submitted your bid, the buyer will shortlist the best suited candidates and then pick the winner of the contract from that list. 

What is a tender document?

The document is written by the buyer, with details of the goods, services or works they require from the bidder should they win the contract. Importantly, the document also shows criteria in which they will award the contract. Therefore, it is crucial that the bidders obtain access to the document and study the document. This will give themselves the best chance of winning the contract.

How do you find a tender?

The best ways to find a tender are through the government tender portal and through official national databases. Each UK country has a different portal. England’s portal is being run by Contracts Finder and Scotland’s being Public Contracts Scotland for example. However, we understand this is highly time consuming which is where we come in to help as we run a personalised tender finder service. In this service, we offer suitable tenders to you, through a personalised, weekly report. As well as this, we offer guidance and coaching. This includes how to win the contracts including strategy, planning and choosing effective reviews. 

How do you decide what is right for you?

It must be the right size for your business. If it is too small, it is not worth the bidding process. Similarly, if it is too big then you would fail to hit the criteria of the contract. This harms your chances of being successful when bidding for another tender. Our tender finder service will only send suitable tenders to your weekly report meaning this is one less issue to worry about. Unlike most tender finder services, ours isn’t automated. This means that our specialists understand each of our businesses and their needs to help pair them with the perfect tenders.

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